Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Heed the Small Voice

To me, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is sort of a “bonus time” to play, connect with friends, even allow yourself to be just a little lazy (and read that new book for several hours instead of doing laundry). It’s a time to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s a time to reflect on the events of the last year, and prepare for the new. That’s exactly what I was doing last weekend when an interesting thing happened.

I woke up the Saturday after Christmas, still in bed, thinking my main goal would be to find the perfect robe at a fantastic “after holiday” price. Yep, that was my plan. My sister was busy, my daughter and son-in-law were visiting his family out of town, and my husband was working so the day was mine, and mine alone. “No problem,” I thought. “I’ll get in and get out of the stores quickly and be home to catch a SyFy movie and snuggle with the cat by the afternoon.”

Even before I got up, I had this thought, “Go to the garden center.” I didn’t need, or want, anything from there, so I quickly dismissed the thought like the fleeting shadow from a fading dream. As I fed the cat, took my shower and got ready to leave, the image of this specific garden center about 25 miles away kept appearing in my mind. “No robes there,” I laughed as I climbed in my car.

I listened to holiday music as I made my way to the shopping area where I was sure my soft and delightfully priced robe would be waiting for me. Still, I kept seeing the garden center and feeling as if it were calling to me. Now I’ve seen and heard some interesting stuff, but this intensity was new even to me. “Hmm, maybe I should swing by there before I go home,” I thought as I headed in that general direction. The center is just a couple miles past the shopping area I planned to visit.

“I’m right here at the store so I might as well stop here first,” I said out loud. My car didn’t stop. I drove right by and heard, “go to the garden center first.” OK, I can be a bit dense, but I know when I’m getting Divine direction. I eventually get it, at least.

Off to this huge garden center I went. I parked in front and walked in, curious to find the treasure I was sure must be waiting for me. After all, I’d been directed to come. I expected some unbelievable deal on a unique holiday ornament or maybe one of the table top water fountains I loved there. But I found nothing. I wandered every isle totally open to whatever Spirit was directing me to find. And then it happened.

“Diane!” I heard from behind me as a woman I know called my name. It was she who I needed to see. The details aren’t important. What is important is that I listened to the small voice inside that kept gently directing me to this meeting which we both benefited from. If I had stopped at the store first, I’d never have had this “chance” encounter. And this was a lovely way to connect with someone who lived out of the area who I didn’t usually see.

So who or what directed me? Angels? My guides? God? Source? I just know it was Divine. And when I look back at the last year, I can see how my life made miraculous turns when I heeded this small – but persistent – inner voice. I could also see how I struggled when I made choices that didn’t “feel right” or were opposite this guidance. For the coming year, I’ll be sure to pay more attention to this little voice and take the path that is presented to me. I’ll let this loving energy guide my actions. That’s the plan. I encourage you to find your own inner voice and notice the guidance you’re offered and see what happens. (Meditation is a quick and easy way to connect with this inner knowing!)

Oh, and I did find the perfect robe.