Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You Are A Unique Expression of Divine Love. Now Act Like It.

What if everyone acted like the unique expression of Divine Love that they really are at their core? Interesting thought. If this were the case, even for a day, what could our world look like?

Let’s think about this. Kindness would be the experience of the day as beautiful acts were shared around the planet. Patience and understanding would be practiced in situations where conflict and pain had ruled supreme. Hurt would be met with understanding, perceived injustice met with love and total forgiveness. Mother Earth would be respected, revered and restored. Harmony would be heard across the globe as we all sought to understand our oneness and then resolved issues from a place of love. People would seek balance in all areas of life, making daily choices based on loving themselves, their body, each other, the Earth and all we share her with.

Judgment would be replaced with discernment. Intolerance with an open mind. Guilt, anger, resentment, rejection all replaced with happiness, joy, peace and love.

The energy of love would engulf the planet and all here. Perhaps “Peace on Earth” would be here at last.

But how is this possible? We could all first recognize we are sparks of the same Universe, Source, Divine Love, God – whatever name you choose to call the intelligent, organized energy that created cosmos and all in it. We could understand this energy is what creates the life in each one of us and treat it as Divine. We could choose. We could choose to act “as if” we knew we were the unique expressions of Divine Love our hearts know us to be. We’d live our lives from that place of love, truth and Divine power. Our actions would originate from love. Let’s do it.

Each one of us who makes the conscious decision to live from love makes a difference for us all. Whether our families or neighbors choose to join us or not, make the choice. Live from love.

You are a unique expression of Divine Love. Now act like it.