Monday, February 25, 2019

Love in Laughter and Tears

Our hearts don't really break, but sometimes it feels like it. And if often happens at the most peculiar times. For me, it happened just this past weekend.

Saturday was my darling grandson's second birthday and a time for great joy as our family gathered to celebrate. Several of his toddler friends attended the party and added to the fun. For hours we heard giggles, belly laughs and the occasional joyful shriek as the children played and the smiling adults mingled, ate good food and watched the fun.

It was as glorious as a two-year-old party could be.

While I was there, I was totally caught up in the excitement, but in the day's quiet times, my heart was heavy. Earlier in the week, a "kid" from our old neighborhood had died. And I heard the bubbly blonde cheerleader who graduated from high school with me had died as well. The morning of the party, I learned a beautiful young mother I knew through our Course in Miracles on line group had succumbed to cancer. 

Laying in my bed that night I my heart was full of joy thinking of the life ahead for my beloved grandson and at the same time, I felt such sadness for the lives that had ended. It was a weird feeling. And I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

As I allowed myself to feel the sadness, I decided not to judge the recent deaths as "right" or "wrong." As best I could, I abandoned the idea that these departures were "too soon" or "unfair." I decided to relax into the only thing that was true, eternal and real. I relaxed into love.

I imagined those souls who had passed and all who knew them surrounded by love, which to me looks like an effervescent pink and white glistening mist. I blessed them all and silently honored their life journey. I prayed that the families found the comfort they needed in this time of grief and I thanked each soul for being part of our shared experience.

I also remembered to relax into the love that was filling my heart thanks to my grandson. Grateful tears filled my eyes as I thought of the joy and new energy he had brought to our entire family and the happy years I expected to come.

Right before sleep, I remembered that love is ever present in the laughter of toddlers and the tears of the grieving. It’s the current that runs through life and helps each of us no matter what step we are on our journey.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Be Love Principles

Happy Valentines Day!
Above you see a message that came to me in a vision last year. Yeah, an honest to God VISION that continues to reshape my life and business. I've spoken about it in previous TV episodes of "Heart-Centered Success," but haven't put them in graphic form until now.
Why share them today? Because although I love a mushy Valentines Day card as much as anyone, the real love we celebrate today, and hopefully every day, is the divine love that lives within each of us.
This is the love that anyone can access. Guidance, support, comfort,'s all there for anyone who asks. I ask for guidance everyday and while my messages are always meaningful to me, this one was different. This message is for everyone. You can see the complete story of how I was given the Be Love Principles in this video and get a glimpse into how you can enjoy divine guidance any time you ask.
I'm working on a free website to house resources, testimonials and material pertaining to the principles so you can incorporate them into your own life. They're magical. These simple principles have changed my life and the lives of a few others I've shared them with and now I offer them to you.
Hope you find time this Valentines Day to explore these principles and the love that surrounds you each day. And wouldn't that be a great way to spend February 14th? Exploring the many facets of love...
Sounds good to me!
Until next time...
Be well, be happy and most importantly, Be Love,