Thursday, July 30, 2020

A Sudden Goodbye to a Treasured Friend

Tremayne Johnson thought about you, prayed for you and sent you love.To you, me, everyone whether he knew you or not. He beamed love to the world through deep meditations, energy healing and his sparkling smile. He was a quiet soul with a big heart that was always open to help others. He never failed to ask great questions and had a sharp, inquisitive mind.

I met Tremayne several years ago through our mutual friend, Melody Krafft, at the Fairfax Public Access television studios. He asked me to do a show for him and together we created "Heart-Centered Success with Diane L Haworth." He was the  producer, director, often the cameraman and always the greatest promoter of the show. This photo was taken on our very first day of taping. It was a great day and one that was better than I expected because of Tremayne's skill, encouragement and never ending patience.

We had similar interests and soon became friends. I actually called him my "work husband." We'd talk for hours at the studio and on the phone...the topic was always the same. Love. How to spread love, live love, teach love and help create a more loving world. His mission in life was to learn, understand and share all he could about unconditional love. It's no surprise that the name of his production company was "Love Unleashed."

My dear friend passed suddenly last week at the age of 46. His family and friends are devastated by this loss.

There's one thing I have no doubt about. Everyone who met Tremayne was blessed by his beautiful heart and I know he continues his loving work on the other side.

In his memory, I'm even more dedicated to spreading the message of love on this planet. And I have an idea. To honor Tremayne, and all those people who strive to make this world a better place, today let's think the best of others, make kindness a way of life and speak our truth from the deepest knowing of our divine soul.

Now let's do that everyday...