Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Surrender Rock

I often know exactly how to approach an issue. What coaching technique to use, which book to read, who to call for advice or the perfect website that holds all my answers. And sometimes I don’t. I don’t have a clue. Not even a little one. That’s when I use my “Surrender Rock.”

On my desk is a river rock that I selected and on top I carefully wrote “This I Surrender to God.” When I simply can’t see a solution to an issue, or at least one I want to consider, I note my issue or concern on an index card, fold it in half and place it under my rock. It’s sort of my mailing system to God. Yes, I certainly pray about (and for) the people I love, world issues and other problems but sometimes I’ve learned I have to move aside and allow God the space to take care of the issue.

Sometimes I’m working too hard on a solution, and I find the answers aren’t coming easily. There’s no flow. The energy is stuck. Usually, it’s MY energy that’s stuck as I continue to push ahead, demanding an answer, an answer that I agree with, to appear. Often I think I’m just blocking the Divine Plan and I need to get out of the way. I need to hand the issue over to God and let Him take care it. When I do, miracles happen. I had a little miracle just this week in fact.

I’ve been working to upgrade my website and use my social media platforms more effectively. Over the weekend, I was frantically trying to understand a graphics marketing program that I’ve been told is very simple. Evidently, it’s simple for everybody but me. 

While I was exploring the program, I was overwhelmed with everything on my “to do” list. Thanksgiving is at our house this year; my nephew is getting married two days later and 24 hours after that, I leave for a two week business trip to London. All great events, but the added stress was getting to me. In desperation I muttered, “God, you gotta take care of this. I’ll learn how to do this after the first of the year, but until then I’m giving this one to you.” Under the rock my problem went. And I forgot about it. 

Within 24 hours, I got an email from a client saying she was playing around with this same graphics program and wondered if she could create some content for me – for free – so she could build a portfolio. “Why YES YOU CAN,” I thought as I looked at my Surrender Rock.

Not all my issues are handled as quickly as this one. And sometimes I never find out how the issue or problem evolved or if it got “solved” as I’d expected. When I surrender the problem to God and get out of His way; I trust the Divine is working behind the scenes in ways I could never orchestrate, and miracles happen. I like miracles.

Do you have any problems or issues that could use a Divine touch? Find yourself a rock.

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