Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Be Love Principles

Happy Valentines Day!
Above you see a message that came to me in a vision last year. Yeah, an honest to God VISION that continues to reshape my life and business. I've spoken about it in previous TV episodes of "Heart-Centered Success," but haven't put them in graphic form until now.
Why share them today? Because although I love a mushy Valentines Day card as much as anyone, the real love we celebrate today, and hopefully every day, is the divine love that lives within each of us.
This is the love that anyone can access. Guidance, support, comfort,'s all there for anyone who asks. I ask for guidance everyday and while my messages are always meaningful to me, this one was different. This message is for everyone. You can see the complete story of how I was given the Be Love Principles in this video and get a glimpse into how you can enjoy divine guidance any time you ask.
I'm working on a free website to house resources, testimonials and material pertaining to the principles so you can incorporate them into your own life. They're magical. These simple principles have changed my life and the lives of a few others I've shared them with and now I offer them to you.
Hope you find time this Valentines Day to explore these principles and the love that surrounds you each day. And wouldn't that be a great way to spend February 14th? Exploring the many facets of love...
Sounds good to me!
Until next time...
Be well, be happy and most importantly, Be Love,

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Solution to Chaos

I see my nation and world rife with turmoil, hate and fear. Egos rule and we are all suffering the consequences. My recommendation to the President, Congress (and all of us) is a simple one.


Surrender to love.

Forget political party, stubborn rhetoric and “dug in” positions. Surrender to love. Forgo “saving face,” talking points on the cable news shows and your political legacy. Let your legacy be love.

Love of country, ALL of the country, every man, woman and child, citizen or not.
Love of humanity, regardless of race, nationality, social or economic standing, gender or gender preference.

Let your legacy be love.

Not the soft, warm, fuzzy feeling of love when you hold a puppy. The strong love. The real love that comes not from ego but from the divine wisdom within.

Tap into the love that guides you to make strong and fair decisions for the highest and best of all. Not just your constituents, not your campaign contributors, but for the highest and good of all those living on our shores AND for the good of our neighbors on this planet. Long gone are the days when the impact of our decisions were confined to our boundaries. We need to be loving global citizens. Period.

We are a nation of people living together, held by the glue of love. We love our families, our jobs, our communities…we are a nation that loves. Beyond our current love of wanting to “be right” we have to want to “be love.” We need to remember who we are and what unites us. We want the same things. To be free to love, and be loved. We want to be healthy and happy. We want to “live love.”

So how do we do that? By living the Be Love Principles:
  • ·        Greet everyone with an open heart without an agenda
  • ·        See the divine in everyone and everything
  • ·        Forgive quickly, completely and unconditionally
  • ·        Remember you are one with everyone in the light of love

I know many will view this opinion as naive. To you, I have a few questions: How well are current ego-based systems working now? Do you want a nation and world ruled by ego or love? What stance do you think will ensure a bright future for our world?

I say to all who will listen, surrender to love.

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