Thursday, September 17, 2015

When You Talk the Talk, You Gotta Walk the Walk

I’ve been less than honest with someone. Me. I realize I’ve been fooling myself. I hate when that happens.

Let me explain. I’m working on my second book, “The Empowered Spiritual Path,” based on the three month coaching program I’ve been using with my clients for the last few years.

I was writing this weekend and quickly found myself deep into the work. I was really “on fire,” in my frenzy, and produced nearly 4,000 words of inspired text between numerous loads of laundry, grocery shopping and paying a few bills.

“This is so great,” I thought.

Until I read what I wrote.

The chapter describes the daily routine I have clients commit to at the very beginning of my program. The specific actions aren’t revolutionary, but when done consistently and in a specific sequence, the process has produced miraculous results. Clients have reported feeling less stress, improved sleep, better relationships, feeling more peaceful, happy and more easily able to handle problems. They say they feel more connected to Spirit. Some have even reported measurable improvements in medical conditions. It’s magical, and it works.

Here’s the problem.

It occurred to me while I was reading the protocol, that I’ve been more lax than I realized in adhering to my own program. Crap! A slap of reality pie, right in the face.

“I’ve been traveling,” I thought. “This summer’s been so busy.” I said out loud to the cat who was lounging on my desk.

I swear she looked at me with her little cat eyes as if to say, “Hmmm…look who’s not walking her talk.”

Put in my place by my own cat. And my own guilty conscious.

I remembered I hadn’t been as energetic as usual the last couple months. I hadn’t quite felt myself and had trouble sleeping. I suddenly realized that while thought I’d only occasionally skipped a couple steps of my routine, I’d been inconsistent. Even my meditations had often been shorter than usual. I’ve been meditating for more than 20 years and that seldom happens. But it had. $@!#*&!!

I’d gotten off track and I was truly shocked. I fooled myself by not paying attention. I realize I’d substituted “various forms of busy” for my sacred routine. And I’d been living the result.

The cat was right. I wasn’t living in line with my teachings. Ouch. Sometimes the truth does hurt.

I’m now back to my consistent practice that works. And I’ll be aware of my actions. I’ll be diligent with my daily routine. I have to walk my talk.

Want to know how I know I’ll stay on track? I don’t want that cat judging me again….