Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Love in Action

I’ve had a phrase running around my head for a while now and it’s “love in action.” What the heck does that mean? I decided it can take various forms for all of us.

You can:

Volunteer at a fundraising event.
Make dinner for a neighbor.
Give a donation to a cause you believe in.
Write a love note to your spouse.
Surprise a child with a special outing.
Take time to relax in a hot bath with healing oils.
Paint, write, sculpt, sing….create something from your soul that makes you happy.
Hold the door open for the person behind you as you leave a store.
Smile, make eye contact and say hello to a stranger.
Pick up trash in the park.
Patiently wait for an elderly person to safely cross the street in front of your car.
Donate to your community coat drive.
Share an inspiring story with a friend.
Send a private message to an old friend on Facebook just to “check in.”
Deliver gifts to a local animal shelter.
Share your unique talents with an organization that can use your expertise.
Donate books to your library.
Bring coffee or tea to an office mate.
Send a text to someone who’s grieving to let them know you care.
Spend a little extra time petting the cat.
Pray that we all find a way to live love, respect, kindness, truth and joy.
Shut your eyes and imagine a healthy planet. Hold that thought for several minutes.
Smile more.

While it’s tempting to think of this “love in action” as an exercise to help others, I think the real fun comes when we live our daily life from there.
Whoa. What would that look like?

Imagine paying bills, preparing dinner or delivering a talk for work all actions that are fueled by love. Grooming your dog, cutting the grass and yes – even laundry – could be examples of “love in action” if we looked at these actions not as chores, but as ways to consciously express love to ourselves, our families and the world. Think about that. I like it!

Love in action is simple. Fuel every action, deed and thought with love.

That’s my new intention. What about you? How could you live love in action?